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adrenergic blocker Vasoconstrictor Naphazoline hydrochloride

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Product Name:Naphazoline hydrochloride

CAS: 550-99-2
Product Categories:Adrenoceptor;NORMODYNE;Pharmaceutical intermediates
Mol File:550-99-2.mol



Pharmacological effects Naphazoline hydrochloride, is commonly used as a vasoconstrictor in the hospital's otorhinolaryngology and ophthalmology ,it is a adrenomimetic drug ,it has a strong effect on contraction of blood vessels and blood pressure elevation,it has inhibition effect on the central nervous system,by contraction of local vascular, it can play an anti-inflammatory and analgesic role in the local inflammatory lesions , and can eliminate congestion due to fatigue or other reasons. Clinically it is used for the treatment of colds, acute and chronic rhinitis, allergic conjunctivitis, allergic and inflammatory nasal congestion embolism. Local long-term use can lead to blood flow reduction in medication area, which causes resistance decreasing , and results in superinfection. It can not be taken orally. Dropping excess liquid or high concentrations can cause poisoning. Care should be taken, especially in children. Infants, hypertension, hyperthyroidism patients should take with caution, atrophic rhinitis patients are banned. The interval time of dropping , is preferably not less than 4 to 6 hours.



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